The Importance of Traffic Analysis to Help Your Visitors and Your Website

Driving traffic to your website is essential for boosting sales and increasing productivity to your website. There are dozens of methods you can engage in to boost traffic to your site. Once you have established some sort of traffic to your website, it is essential that you analyze this traffic in order to identify any… More »

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Web Hosting: What You Need To Know

When you are in the middle of setting up a website for your business or for any other personal reason, you’ll need to get hosting services in order for your website to actually appear on the internet and be found by users. There are a few things that you need to know about hosting, and… More »

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Email Marketing 101 : What You Need to Know to Get Started

There are many effective methods of marketing your website or business that should be practiced. One of the more effective methods of marketing is through email marketing, although many website owners either neglect to use this method or are completely unaware of its existence. Here we will outline the basics of what you need to… More »

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New Technology Still Needs Backup

Although everyone seems to live in a digital world today, it's not uncommon for businesses to rely upon a traditional style of tape management system as a way to ensure that there is always a backup somewhere of the information upon which a company relies to do business. Although many types of technology seem to disappear after only a very short while and are never heard of again once something more advanced comes along, the same is not so for tape management systems that often work the same way that such systems have always worked. Because they are so helpful, many businesses still use them.

Internet Privacy and Hosting

One of the issues that some companies and individuals don't consider when they host a website domestically is that sometimes there might be some privacy issues that wouldn't otherwise be a problem if the company chose instead to utilize an offshore host like The privacy laws that impact online safety of information are constantly changing and in a state of flux, and this is why it's important to make sure that all of the decisions made regarding hosting take into account the potential privacy issues that could result from utilizing a domestic host for an internet presence.

Everything You Need to Know About SEO

Web design encompasses many different topics and aspects – one of the more essential elements to web design is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. There are many reasons to incorporate SEO tactics to web design, particularly if you don’t have the funds necessary to pay for advertising on some of the bigger search engines like… More »

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Aspects of a Clean Web Design

Many web designers have now become attracted to a clean and simple web design. Site designers have realized the importance of keeping a website void of any distractions that will take away from the essence of the website’s content, and therefore have adopted simpler design ideas and templates. Here are some of the more common… More »

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Increases for Data Storage

In the past several years, the need for efficient, large-scale data storage has become essential for modern company operations. Some researchers suggest that storage needs are increasing by around 30 percent each year and that the average business doesn't have enough high-capacity storage. Optimizing storage from resources like helps companies realize the necessary visualization and consolidation of data. Interestingly, the overall amount of storage around the world is estimated to reach 72 zettabytes by 2015, which represents an incredible jump from 1.8 zettabytes in 2011. Beyond consolidation efforts, companies must also consider updating data management procedures to accommodate longer data life cycles.

Expanding Upon Domain Name Choice

One of the reasons why domain names seem so difficult to obtain is because so many of the "dotcom" domain names have been chosen already. Just about every word you can think of has a domain name already, but according to, there are a variety of domain name extensions that open up all sorts of other domain names. Extensions like "dot biz" and "dot org" mean that all sorts of businesses and organizations can choose a domain name and extension that's very appropriate for the type of business they do. And there are hundreds more great extensions out there as well.

Landing Pages for Email Campaigns

Every landing page as part of an email campaign should be created in relation to the message you convey in your email.  It should be specific to your call to action.  If you want the recipient to buy something, bring them to a landing page created specifically for that purpose.  The title of the page should reflect the offer in the email.  Use bullet points to emphasize the important points.  The page should look professional in design and the wording should instill trust, especially when a purchase is made.  Many companies like will help you with your email campaign to assure you get the best possible results.

Choosing a Web Hosting Company

You have a new website and you need to find a company to host your site.  There are thousands of them out there and the options they offer are varied.  Maybe you’re looking for affordability.  Perhaps you have an ecommerce website and you’re wondering which hosting companies are the best ones for you.  Some of the more important features to consider when choosing a web host are price, reliability,  speed of access, focus, bandwidth, tech support and hardware.   One of the best ways to find a reliable web hosting company for your website would be to read the reviews that are out there and see what their customers are saying about them. offers up-to-date comprehensive web host reviews to help you with your search.

The History of Logos

Logos are designed to convey a message of ownership of a product, company, campaign or concept and provide brand recognition and awareness.  As a sign, or symbol, trademark or badge, the design of the logo is important to the marketing efforts of businesses to promote trust in their brand.  Before modern times, in Ancient Greece or Rome, for example, logos existed as branding tools to convey ownership of animals or manufacturers of pottery.  Later, coats of arms were used to identify nobility. In the 20th century, logo design evolved further with the birth of advertising and color printing.  Today, graphic logo designers, such as the ones at, create logos in all styles for all business needs.